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Desire Only You

Terry Butler

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Verse 1: 
       B/E             E      B/C#     C#m 
We approach your throne, contrite of heart 
Amaj7   B/A      F#m7 B7sus       E 
Crying out to you          in repentance 
      B/E       E        B/C#  C#m 
Overwhelm us now in your holiness 
Amaj7  B/A         F#m7 B/A       E 
Reig - nite the flame       within us 

                 A         B      E 
We seek cleansing and forgiveness 
         A             B    E 
For our hearts, they turn away 
     A       B       C#m 
Restore us to the place 
             Amaj7 B/A  Amaj7   F#m7      B7sus 
Where we desire    only you, desire only you  
Verse 2: 
Fill our hearts O Lord with your righteousness 
Renew in us the joy of salvation 
Overwhelm us now in your holiness 
Reignite the flame within us 

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