Hey Ya!


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Tom: G 

G              C                                             D       Em      
My baby dont mess around because she loves me so and this i know fo sho

G              C                                              D        Em
But does she really want to?  But can't stand to see me walk out the door

G             C                                                   D        Em
Dont try to fight the feeling cause the thought alone is killing me right now

G              C                                               D        Em
Thank God for mom and dad for sticking two together cause we dont know how

Chorus: (x4)

G          C     D        Em
Heyyyyyy  Ya!   Heyyyy Yaaaaaaa!

its quite simple, and the rest of the song (verse 2, chorus w/ad libs,
call/response part)
uses the same chords just listen for the chord changes. 
then theres the breakdown where he goes "shake it like a polaroid 
picture"  then the guitar ropes back in.  this is the song of the year 
so better enjoy.

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