Israel Houghton

You've Won My Affection

Israel Houghton

3 exibições
Tom: E

E9              A2 
You´ve won my affection 
E9                   Bsus  A2 
You´ve captured my heart 
E9           A2 
You have my devotion 
                   Bsus  E/G# 
My worship is Yours 
A2                E/G# 
You´ve won my affection 
C#m7                   Bsus 
You´ve capture my heart 
             F#m7              Bsus 
Now I am Yours completely Yours 

          C#m9           B/D#    E 
I see the sacrifice that You made 
     B/D#    C#m9             Bsus    E2 
I know the awesome price that You paid 
               F#m11                     E/G# 
You went the distance You finished strong 
              G6/9                     Bsus 
We were Your passion so You gave it all

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