Eyes Set To Kill

Give You My All

Eyes Set To Kill

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Tom: Bm

Bm  D  Bm  D  A  G  A  G
1ª estrofe (mesmos acordes da intro):

Glass hailed from the sky that night

I couldn't hide to save my life

Standind drenched in open wounds

You take my hand and pulled me through

Em        G        F# 
I want to give you every thing
     G           A
I'll give you my all
G           Bm
Because you gave me
Em               G             Em
You gave me your lips a gentle kiss
the medicine to cure my pain

Bm  D  Bm  D  A  G  A  G
2ª estrofe

Listen to all of this glass shetter

It pierced my ears and made then bleed

Now it sounds so beautiful

cause your beautiful, you are beautiful

refrão 2x
Bm  D  A  G  A  G  A  G  A  G  (2x)

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