Tom: Dm
(Dm Am) 

I Stay so high
But I don't loose my mind
Every thing's Ok
Every thing's allright
When my eyes are red
Like a sunset in Copacabana beach
Is so sweet feel
The Natural Mystic
Blowing into my vains
My brain begin a trip
To the world of JAH
Right out to Babilônia
To fight against all epocrise
They have against you
They have against me
So, feel the positive vibes
Blowing trought the air
Ganja open my mind
Make me understand
I wanna see every body get high
But you must remember one thing

(G Dm G Am)
Don't loose your mind BIS

(Dm Am)
Do you wanna Spliff for my Spleff?
Do you wanna Spliff for my Spleff?

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